Ours fantasies are yours...

She opens the door. The deliveryman hands her a parcel, she signs and closes the door.

Grace opens the parcel, there is a dress, note with instructions and a key but no sender’s name.

Excitement fills her body.

Grace puts on the little black revealing dress, black suspender stockings and very high heels, hair flowing over her shoulders.

Grace arrives at the destination, her pussy dripping with anticipation of what tonight will bring. She walks to the room checking the room number twice, thinking should she knock or just open the door, but then the door opens.

There he is, smiling, broad shoulders, his chest mmm very nice, his arms, muscles. He is wearing a suit jacket and tie, blue denim jeans which are a perfect combination.

He gently holds her hand guiding her to the bed. The bed is covered in beautiful red roses, champagne and 2 glasses. Perfect!

They sit for a while chatting, but no names have been exchanged. They both know what they want.

Sam goes to pour to champagne, and Grace stops him, let us wait I’m so wet I need you now.

Grace stands and takes her dress off slowly, Sam is whispering you are so beautiful. She leaves her lingerie on, black bra, matching panties, and suspender stockings, very sexy.

Graces stand for a while; Sam is smiling thinking I want her now. She leans forward and gently pulls him towards her, kissing him, slowly taking his shirt off, rubbing her hands on his chest, mm she moans. She moves to his jeans and can feel him rock hard; she smiles.

Sam lays back on the bed Grace moves slowly to his rock-hard cock and puts him in her mouth, Sam moans pure pleasure. She starts slowly getting faster and faster, Sam stops her, not to fast my love I want to cum together.

Sam gently rolls Grace onto the bed and pulls her nipples from her bra, kissing them, sucking them, he moves to her tummy, stays a while kissing, licking, and moving towards her very wet pussy. Graces arches her back, moaning yes yes. He moves to her clit, licking, and quietly says you taste so nice. He moves his tongue up and down, Grace is ready to explode and says I want you now.

Sam guides his cock into her very wet pussy, slowly, then quicker, then harder, both moaning, both ready, they cum together.

They lay for a while, Sam holding Grace in his arms, both smiling.

Grace whispering “Best date ever with my husband” Sam smiles, I agree!


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