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He walks in the room. My imagination is running wild. Is he wearing his fireman’s uniform? I can hear him getting closer, smell him. He walks behind me; I can feel his breath on my neck. I am tingling with anticipation. His hands are on my shoulders, kissing my neck gently. I moan wanting more.

He gently pulls my clothes off my shoulders, kissing my shoulders, down my back. He feels me wanting to turn around, but he stops me. He slowly takes my clothes off kissing every inch of my tingling body. He turns my body around, kissing my neck softly, then my cheeks, then my lips. He pulls away looking into my eyes. A smile comes across his face, I want to say take me now, but he whispers wait....

He continues, slowly taking my clothes off, kissing my body saying your beautiful.

I am standing naked, and he pulls away just looking at me with his beautiful eyes saying be patient, he knows me so well.

He takes my hand and he walks us to the lounge room he gently lays me on the rug in front of the fire. He kneels beside me and gently starts kissing my lips. I want more but he says, wait not yet.

He moves his lips all over my body, slowly and with tenderness. His lips are on my tummy I slowly arch my back wanting more, wanting my fireman to move closer to my very wet pussy. He kisses just on the tip of my pussy then moves to my thighs. My back is arching I want more! He moves his kisses down my leg then my other leg staying a little longer on the tip of my pussy. I say, please stay there. He looks at me and says patience my love.

He stands and starts slowly taking his clothes off. My nipples are hard, my pussy dripping. He is almost naked when he stops, smiling at me then slowly takes him out! He is rock hard.

He gently says, he is ready for you.

I gently guide him into my mouth he gives a slight moan, I taste him longing for him to be inside my wet pussy.

He takes is rock hard cock out of my mouth and slowly moves his tongue onto my pussy, kissing, then licking. My back is arching, and I am ready to cum. His tongue gets deeper inside me, deeper and deeper, I cannot hold on and explode with excitement.

He tastes me, he smiles at me.

He slowly lays on top and puts his rock-hard cock in my very wet pussy. Slowly at first getting faster, harder ohhh I moan I am cuming again.

My fireman stops, he wants more, whispers wait for me baby.

I move so he can lay down and I slowly, passionately kiss him on his lips while moving my hand to his cock.

I move down putting him in my mouth again, he is not far from cuming. He is moaning, I need to be careful as I want his cum in me. I slow down, kissing, licking his hard cock.

He gently pulls me into him whispering I am ready.

He puts his hard cock in my very wet pussy me on top, he knows I love this position as I am in control.

Slowly, in and out getting faster and faster, he bends his head to suck my nipples, I moan, he moans.

Together we explode, our juices joining, our moans together.

I slowly move off his body and lay beside my fireman, we lay there cuddling not speaking just cuddles.

There is no need to say anything.


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